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Find what you need and the right place to look

My JA Search means My Jamaica Search, the premier site for finding the must see and must do activities in the Island of Jamaica.

My JA Search will give you up to date reviews on various upcoming and trending activities, places to see and things to do. Leave a comment on your exciting Island travel experiences, we want to hear all about them! 

My JA Search will show you hot spots around the Island of Jamaica, giving you at least one thing to do in every single parish to maximize the Jamaican experience.With mind blowing parties and tours,complimented by world-class hotel accommodations, you are guaranteed to have some of your best memories in my island Jamaica.

Why us?

My JA is a great means to maximize business exposure for local and international interests looking for a specific service in the island of Jamaica.

There is also an option for businesses and other entities to have their own personal Ad on the website, where they can and limited to have there services/info published.

For ease of search, categories were created based on parishes, therefore, customers will not have to scroll through long listings as there are narrower search options based on where your business is located.

My JA is great for advertising and an awesomely easy way for customers to find your business, no matter where you are located on the island.

Feel free to write in our blog about your experiences using the website and not being limited to the services you found on the website as well.

Thank you for choosing