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Hanover, is a parish located on the northwestern tip of the island of Jamaica. It is a part of the county of Cornwall, bordered by St. James in the east, and Westmoreland in the south.

With the exception of Kingston, it is the smallest parish on the island. Hanover is the birth parish of The Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, one of Jamaica's seven National Heroes, a labour leader and first head of government after universal suffrage.

Premier Attraction: 

 Fort Charlotte

Commanding the entrance to Lucea Harbour is the well-kept eighteen century Fort Charlotte named in 1778 to honour George 11’s Queen Charlotte. Prior to that year it is listed as Lucea Fort and was constructed in 1745.

It was erected in defense of the harbour and stands on a peninsular over-looking the sea channel. In 1862, the English war office transferred the barracks and Fort Charlotte as a gift to the Executive Committee of Jamaica..


Located 6.4 km (four miles) west of Lucea in Hanover Hills, this is the birthplace of National Hero Sir Alexander Bustamante. The Jamaica National Heritage Trust acquired this three-acre property and the birthplace of our National Hero.

It was reconstructed from descriptions of the original property given by a boyhood friend of Sir Alexander Bustamante and Sir Alexander Bustamante himself.