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Manchester is located in west-central Jamaica, in the county of Middlesex. Its capital, Mandeville, is a major business centre, and the only parish capital not located on the coast or on a major river.


Premier Attraction:

Bloomfield Great House

This immaculate historic home stands atop a hill at the end of a very winding road southwest of the town center. The two-story structure is built in traditional Caribbean vernacular and gleams today thanks to some fine renovations. It is about 170 years old

(the exact date is uncertain) and began life as the center of a coffee estate and, later, a citrus plantation, cattle farm and dairy. It’s now one of Jamaica’s finest art galleries and a premier restaurant.

The art gallery features works by many of Jamaica’s leading artists and is a popular function space for Mandeville’s many well-to-do and the local expat population. Most of the work you see is available for purchase; if you want something cheaper than an original work of art, there’s a gift and crafts shop on site that sells woodwork, prints and assorted goodies that are a bit more exciting than the stuff you see in a standard Jamaican souvenir shack.

The entrance is 200m south of Manchester College, on the opposite side of the road at the crossroads. It's easily walkable from the town center.