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Portland, with its capital town Port Antonio, is a parish located on Jamaica's northeast coast. It is situated to the north of St Thomas and to the east of St Mary in Surrey County. It is one of the rural areas of Jamaica and is known for its great beaches.


Rio Grand Rafting

Torrential rains rushing down from the Blue Mountains feed the Rio Grande River. Bamboo rafts where originally used to transport produce, especially bananas, from the interior of the island.

The legendary Hollywood star, Errol Flynn, who made Port Antonio his home, introduced rafting for fun. Today Rio Grande

Rafting is an established attraction enjoyed by visitors and Jamaican’s alike.

A bamboo raft for two passengers is poled downriver by a skilled licensed raft captain for your river adventure down the Rio Grande river valley which is dominated by bamboo and banana groves.

Rio Grande rafting provides some of the most beautiful views you will ever see and for about two to three hours you will be swallowed up by Jamaica’s natural beauty.


The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon’s timeless glamour and exceptional setting make it one of Jamaica’s most prized destinations. The largest of the island’s spring-fed lagoons boasts a depth of nearly 180 feet – some claim it has no bottom – and blends tones

of emerald, turquoise and sapphire to create an almost biblical aquatic haven. The mix of warm tidal and ice-cold mountain waters welling up from a mineral spring offers the perfect balance of soothing and invigorating restoration. The already famous property landed on the world map in 1980, when Randal Kleiser‘s “Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins made its cinematic debut. The site was originally called The Blue Hole, however, many claim it was re-named “The Blue Lagoon” following the success of the film. The Blue Lagoon has attracted countless visitors over the years, including Robin Moore of The French Connection and Caddy Shack fame, who also owned some of the property’s Villas that are still named after him. Scenes from Tom Cruise’s hit film Cocktail were shot on location. Plans for the revival of this landlocked cove – including a heritage museum, botanical gardens, restaurant, pier-side craft kiosks and luxury villas – point to a prime boasting right for Port Antonio and its surrounds.


Boston Jerk Centre 

Portland Jamaica became the, Boston Jerk Pork Center of the world by its unique indigenous Preparation of authentic Jamaican spices.

The location is breath taking set at "Boston Beach" set along the North Eastern End of Jamaica about 8 miles

East of Port Antonio, and 2 miles of Frenchman's Cove, The Blue Lagoon and Dragon Bay Hotels travelers across the Island look forward to this Famous stop.